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e are passionate about creating striking, exciting products and campaigns that transform your product, while connecting with others and distinctly reaching your community.

Connection creates engagement. We believe the connection creates an impact in both business and life, and when doing so we pride ourselves on being special. We know what we do is making a difference for our partners in the progress, getting a return on their investment. We’ve had a wonderful time doing what we do for those reasons.

Our Leadership Team

Reza Esfahanian
Reza EsfahanianInnovation Manager
Data Scientist & Digital Marketing Specialist
Sebastian Texter
Sebastian TexterManaging Director
Digital Product Development

Why this Matters To You.

With the world moving around the consumers really fast, we agree that value-creating is imperative for user experience and creativity. In our competitive digital age, you need to set yourself apart. It is estimated that 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, which is why it is important to harness this opportunity and to stay connected and meaningful to the customer. Our team will help you market to your community, create action with your customers and, while doing so, develop your products and services. The experience we offer should have a positive effect on your brand.

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